Things in our country are still up in the air when it comes to immigrant workers and how Trump’s government is going to treat them. I, for one, am really scared for many of my friends and former employees so I’m thinking of organizing a fundraiser similar to the one in this post where I…

5 Ways to Help Your Restaurant Survive The First Five Years

An Ohio State University study found that 60% of restaurants don’t make it a full year in business, and a whopping 80% fail before they reach their fifth birthday. The odds for new restaurants aren’t great. But, the reward for those who are able to dig their heels in and endure, is great.

What’s the Career Path of a Restaurant Manager?

If you like being the host (or life) of the party or if you enjoy bringing people together for a good time, then you’ll enjoy working as a manager in the service industry. The hours can be long, but the rewards are worth it. You’ll form close friendships with your employees and with your patrons. Some of these connections will last a lifetime.

Why You Need to Determine The Type of Customers You Will Serve

The Shock The customer is almost never right. There I said it. This simple statement probably goes against everything you have ever learned about customer service. That mentality must be shot and buried immediately. The new philosophy and saying is “the customer is king”. I have my issues with this mentality as well, but overall it’s…

Interview Techniques for the Service Industry

You may be expecting business to pick up now that the holidays are a few weeks behind us. With the expected increase in business, you may find it necessary to increase the size of your staff. Even if you feel you’re fully staffed and ready to go when the customers start to flow in, we…