Customer Service Skills? Is there a question?




When I was in school, I was taught all the ways to run a successful business. I learned about building a business plan, leadership, accounting, marketing, advertising, sales, etc…

One area that was touched on briefly was customer service. I don’t remember the specific amount of time spent on learning about customer service in school, but I do know that it wasn’t a painful amount of time, unlike the time spent on the items above.

Take a look at the  list published by the Temkin Group. Notice that supermarkets and fast food businesses enjoy a majority of the top spots, while healthcare and cable/internet service providers are ranked near the bottom. Alarmingly, Ramada Inn is dangerously close to the bottom also.

There are a few ways to look at the importance of customer service, but I think we can all agree, it’s the difference between a successful business and an irrelevant one.

What are supermarkets and fast food restaurants doing right? What are healthcare and cable/internet service providers doing wrong?

In all of the businesses ranked at the top, customer issues can be solved on the spot. Is that instant gratification why customers tend to rate these businesses higher?

Solving a health insurance or technological issue takes more time and diagnosis. More questions have to be asked to accurately remedy a situation. Most consumers understand that. But there’s no substitute for a warm smile or a friendly and welcoming attitude, is there?

Serviceable would love to hear your opinion or thoughts on the questions asked above.

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