Management Tips: Training in the Service Industry – Developing a Training Program

Developing a successful training program specific to your service industry business is one of the most important things you can do. Whether you’re running a restaurant, hotel, event company or another type of business, the benefits of a well thought out training system cannot be understated.

Let’s take a quick look at this infographic about the benefits of training:

why training helps-developing a training program

This infographic was originally developed by to show the benefits of training on employee morale. But, as you study it you’ll notice that training actually affects every aspect of your relationship with employees. The infographic also illustrates some of the points we spoke of previously on the importance of employee training.

You may have worked with a company in the past that had their own training program in place and it’s perfectly fine to use a version of their system. But if you’re new to the business or the industry, we’d like to give you some tips that should help you develop a successful program or help tweak your existing one.

First, assess your training needs.

Do you take an active role in your business? Do you work closely with your employees? Have done your employee evaluations? All of these are manager habits that will help you spot tasks or procedures which can be improved or corrected. They may even help you to spot flaws within your initial training program that can be changed.

Other times, you may find out that you just need to give your employees a refresher. Brushing up on policies and skills is always a good thing.

No matter the case, you’ll want to identify what task or procedure(s) you’d like to improve on and then determine whether this training needs to be given to the entire staff, one department, or to individuals. All training falls into one of these three categories.

Here are some further tips to help determine which category your training needs will fall into.

training needs analysys

Set your training objectives.

You’ve determined what practices can be improved and why they need to be improved. Setting your training objectives means you are going to decide how your training will be given, who will give the training, how long the training will last, and what the new practices or habits are going to be.

You’ll also want to decide what measurements you’ll use to make sure the training has worked. You can do this by giving a test at the end of training, or by specifying an observation period to watch and see that the new procedures are being followed.

It’s a good idea to pull your staff together and quickly inform them of the upcoming training, when and where it will be, and why it is needed. This gives them some time to adjust their schedules if they need to and to prepare them for a change in their daily work habits.

At this point, we’d advise you to take some time to perform these first two steps. Spend as much time as you think you need to, and stay tuned for the next steps in developing a service industry training program.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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