Virtual Reality Possibilities for the Hospitality Industry

We recently presented some of the important social media trends the hospitality industry should pay attention to in 2016. Now we’d like to share with you what we think is going to be one of the major technological innovations in the industry: Virtual Reality.

Companies like YouVisit are using virtual reality to create a number of future possibilities. While on their website you are given the opportunity to tour colleges, historic sites, or businesses using your virtual reality headset.

For those who don’t own virtual reality headsets yet, the YouVisit site allows you to take a 360-degree tour instead. The tours are in high definition and are narrated or set to music to make the experience more enjoyable.

According to Abi Mandelbaum, the CEO of YouVisit, virtual reality will become a multi-billion dollar industry by the year 2020. In Mr. Mandelbaum’s Hospitality Net article on virtual reality, he updates us on what the current state of VR is in the hospitality industry. He then goes on to describe the potential uses of virtual reality such as the virtual concierge, virtual attractions, and virtual conferencing.

hospitality virtual realityWe agree with Mr. Madelbaum, Virtual Reality will open up marketing and customer service possibilities for the hospitality industry and hoteliers should consider adding VR to the list of services their hotels and/or resorts provide.

Please visit the YouVisit website for more information on this developing technology, and visit the Serviceable site to stay up to date on management tips, business practices, and current events in the service industry.

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