What To Expect From Serviceable This Month:

“Hack away at the unessential; simplicity is the key to brilliance. Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.”

Great words of wisdom for the start of a new month. Feel free to apply this philosophy to either your personal or business life.

We’ve had a successful beginning to 2016 so far and plan to keep the simple and useful advice coming while offering our unique point of view to our service and hospitality community.

The month of January brought us readers from around the globe thanks to Hospitality Net being gracious enough to share a number of our posts, most notably those on important social media trends for the service industry, service industry food trends for 2016, and our ongoing series’ on management tips and how to open a restaurant.

This month, Serviceable plans on touching on a number of topics important to the service and hospitality industries and hopes to provide insight into your business from an operator’s point of view.

Seviceable Coming Soon

Beginning with our How to Open A Restaurant series, we’ll talk about how to choose a concept. Then we’ll advise you on choosing a unique and memorable name and then move into choosing a location. These three tips will help you prepare for the all important step of writing a business plan, which we’ll touch on at the end of the month. We’ll really get into the details of writing the business plan during the month of March.

Serviceable will also talk about how to build a management team and how to use your team to drive your business to success. In addition, Serviceable will continue to keep you up to date with current news and future trends in the hospitality industry. Last, we’ll provide some further tips on training as well as how to continuously improve your staff’s customer service.

If there are any topics, issues, or questions you would like to discuss please don’t hesitate to contact Serviceable and let us know how we can help you.

Follow us, like us, and share our articles with any friends or co-workers you think may benefit from reading our site. Looking forward to a great month and a great 2016!

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