Management Tips: How to Create a Management Team Pt. 1

Service Industry Team

Creating the perfect management team is one of the most important tasks an owner or General Manager can do to ensure business success. You may already realize this. However, many times I find it is also one of the biggest challenges.

Whether they are control freaks and just refuse to give up the keys to the castle, or they’ve been let down in the past, I come across many an owner/operator who is burned out from being at work all day, every day but won’t create a reliable management team they can trust.

One interesting side note. While I was doing research on how to build a successful Hospitality or Service industry management team, I found very little online. Sure there are the articles from Entrepreneur and on how to build successful corporate and sales teams and they offer some very good advice. But I found nothing on how to build a successful team specific to an industry like ours.

Where to Begin?

Remember, the key word here is “TEAM.”

I know I just said that we need some instruction on how to build a management team specific to our industry, but there are some basics of business management that can’t be ignored.

The absolute first thing you need to make sure of is that you are the leader in your business. Are you prepared to take on the responsibilities and pressures of the job?

Set your goals.

If you’re ready to be a leader and to create a successful team around you, you need to make sure you have clear goals in mind. Have you set your budgets for the year? Are there any milestone’s you’d like to achieve and do you have a plan for getting there?

After you have your goals in place, you can select the employees you think will help you to best achieve those goals.

Everyone you surround yourself with must have the same goals in mind. A restaurant or hotel staff is like a football team. Each player has a position to play, but in the grand scheme of things, if the players play their positions well, you create a winning team. Watch this quick two-minute video that elaborates on this idea.

Choosing your team members.

Look for employees that are superstar performers.

  • Are they comfortable/great with guests?
  • Can they think quickly on their feet? Are they adaptable?
  • Are they fit to train others?
  • How are they with other employees? Are they confrontational or good working with others?
  • Do they stick to the set rules and exemplify them?
  • Will they speak up when they see something wrong?
  • How do you get along with them?

Many times we come across an employee who fits a few of these, but not all of them. It’s important you don’t trap yourself into settling for someone who doesn’t measure up to what you really want. They will fail you. This industry is hard and the hours are long. Make sure you have someone who already knows what to expect.

And I can’t stress this enough:


Make sure they have the leadership abilities I’ve listed above and then some.

The best advice I can give you on choosing the right team is to show a lot of patience, love, and understanding. Like I’ve said before, you’re not only running a business, you’re the head of the family.

And always be prepared for mistakes. Correct them and move past them.

So what happens after the team is formed or you’re not the owner of the business? It could be that you walk into an existing management team and one of your challenges will be to get to know them and then get them to work with you as their new team leader.

That’s what we’ll go over in the next part of the “Creating a Management Team” series as well as discuss some obstacles you may face specific to the industry.

As always, please share this article with any of your friends or peers in the service industry and feel free to contact me at Serviceable with any questions.

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