Current Events Articles for the Hotel and Service Industries

It seems that some current events, social media and its use in the hotel and service industry, and some trending events have been on most of my reader’s minds lately.

I thought I’d prepare a list of a few current event articles that have stuck out to me over the last few weeks.

These are in no particular order. They’re strictly for your information. Make sure you scroll all the way through so you don’t miss anything important.

1. NOM.COM Launches

If you’re in or have been in the hotel and service industry for long, chances are you’re a foodie.

Well, good news for us! Steven Chen, one of the creators of YouTube has now launched – a foodie-focused live video network.

It’s simple to use. Sign up. Follow others. Watch and participate in live cooking shows. Or start your own food channel. Millions of food show stars are about to be born.

2. The Debate on the Future of Tipping Rages On.

When I started Serviceable in November of 2015, my first post was titled Should Your Service Business Move Past Tipping?  A few months later I followed with a follow-up post about tipping in the sharing economy.

Now, the popular industry staffing site, Poached, weighs in on the debate with an article that focuses on the technical difficulties faced when switching from tipping to higher wages. The real debate begins in the comments section.Benchmark_Restaurant_Dining_Room_Photographed_by_Evan_Sung

3. What Founders Can Learn From Spoon Rocket’s Demise

Another promising food delivery start-up crashes and burns. The article has some good advice for anyone thinking of owning their own business.


4. More Start-Up Woes. This time in India.

“Problem was, startups were reckless. They need a deep understanding of the locality to be relevant to the user.”

Social media and the way it is used by a business plays a huge role in your start-up’s marketing strategy. It also helps you connect with the local community.


5. Kraft Macaroni –  It’s Changed, But It Hasn’t.

A marketing win for Kraft/Heinz. Important lessons from the article? The basics:

  1. Listen to your customers.
  2. Always have a backup plan.

6. Will Anbang Acquire Starwood?

Lately, I haven’t posted much about the hotel industry. But this is a story I have been eagerly following for some months now. As you may or may not know, I got my start in the hotel industry working for the Nassau Bay Hilton in Texas.


7. Foodservice Jobs that Make You Surprisingly Rich

Did you know you could make over $100K as a hot dog vendor? A bartender? A submarine cook? Jeez. What have I been doing?


That ends our short post on current events and trends.

Right now I’m still doing research for an article on what the best POS systems available to you are right now, and I hope to have that post up soon so stay tuned.

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