Sethi/Cibo Is Helping Me Trust POS Software Again.

Today, I’d simply like to tell you about a POS software company that has genuinely excited me with their capabilities and their willingness to work with you as an individual.

I know that at times I get so mired in the details of helping others plan their restaurants that I forget to share news and other important developments in the industry with those of you who’ve already opened for business. Allow me to do so now.

Sethi/Cibo Software and Apps.

Recently, I’ve become familiar with a company called Sethi, INC. and their partner, the well-known POS system company, Cibo.

Together, Sethi/Cibo have created some exciting new software which allows you to focus on running your business instead of spending hours solving technical or computer related problems.

The absolute best aspect of this partnership is they’ve priced their product to be extremely affordable.

I’ve had the privilege of being invited to listen in on a few of their educational and developmental discussions and have to say, as an experienced restaurant operator, I’m really impressed by the capabilities their software provides.

Talking points that made me want to spread the word.

You get to speak directly with the owner.

One of the most important things to me about Sethi/Cibo is I’ve actually gotten to speak with Mr. Sethi, the company’s namesake. Mr. Sethi is a follower of Serviceable and reached out to me to discuss the restaurant scene here in Houston.

I like being able to talk directly to the person running the company. It feels like a guarantee of quality and care. And, in every conversation we’ve had, he’s taken the time to answer my questions patiently so that I don’t hang up feeling confused or as if nothing was solved.

The software is specific to your needs.

Operationally, the Sethi/Cibo app stood out to me because it can be fully customized to a specific business’s or restaurant’s needs. They can set up an app for you that offers online ordering through a digital menu that is kept uniform across your website, the app, and your social media pages.

The mobile app includes a number of useful features such as alerts to let the server know a table’s food is ready or it can allow your guest to send an alert straight to the server, requesting their assistance.

Using NFC communication, the software also lets you offer certain service features you may not have been able to offer in the past. (I promise you, the customer service possibilities with this technology will blow your mind.)

The app and software can also eliminate needs such as a waiter carrying a notepad. I like that it ends the server’s attempt to impress by memorizing your whole order (something that annoys me to no end because it rarely works). The server would simply use a tablet or even their mobile phone to take your order at the table then send it straight to the kitchen.

It’s not expensive.

Realizing that startups have a need for the latest software to stay competitive, but are on a limited budget, the Sethi/Cibo partnership was smart enough to make cost a major feature and benefit of their app.

I’ve been impressed with Sethi/Cibo and I think you will be, too. I recommend you contact Mr. Sethi today or feel free to contact me if you would like more details.

By the way…

Houston is currently the darling of the U.S. restaurant culture. If you’d like to find out how to bring your business to here, I’d love to help. Our city has new restaurant openings every week, so it’s good to get in now.

If you’re reading this but own a business which is not a restaurant, Sethi/Cibo can help with that, too.

For more updates and news in the restaurant and hospitality industry, please follow me at Serviceable. Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues.

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  1. Sethi Inc says:

    Hi Deven – Thanks for very flattering comments in your blog about our services. I think its your way of putting some positive pressure on us:-) and, we welcome this extra expectation from our services, as it motivates our team to continue to offer top tier service to our clients.
    We’d love to answer any questions your readers may have about our services or, about our products like the Online Ordering App (to make any restaurant to start internet sales overnight, without spending insane amount of money), SmartRestaurant App with NFC or, our Mobile Apps services in general.
    Warm regards / Sanj Sethi

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