Checking In: Writing Your Simple Restaurant Business Plan

Hello, fellow restaurant operators. This is just a quick update/check in with you. I wanted to see how your first-time business plan writing is going?

Status Check.

For me, I’ve continued to hone my Business Summary (also known as the Executive Summary). As you may recall, I was keeping it simple with only five things on my wish list.

“This is what I listed:

  • I love sandwiches.
  • I love pizza.
  • I love wine, beer, and cocktails.
  • I love eating outdoors in big groups with my friends and family at community tables.


  • I love listening to live music that’s done right and doesn’t drown out conversation.”

I’ve actually done some location scouting and planning (well… daydreaming actually) about what kitchen equipment I’ll need and what I envision my eating area to look like. But lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet. We’ll go into detail about restaurant equipment and restaurant structure in upcoming posts.

How are you doing?

I’m curious to hear what, if any, obstacles you’ve come across so far in this initial planning phase? As you know, my intention is to force you to move from daydreaming into the actual work of making your dream a reality. During this time it’s natural to have new ideas pop into your head or to spot potential problems.

If you’ve spotted a problem already and need advice on how to overcome or get around it, feel free to contact me or comment below. I’m sure that between the two of us we can come up with a creative solution to solve your problem without compromising your dream.

My Plans So Far.

I’ve faced a few problems myself this week. One of them being that I’m having trouble finding time to dedicate to my restaurant planning. Right now, this is not my main source of income so I’m having to do everything in my spare time.

I keep second guessing myself over this.

One of the great things about Houston is we currently have an excellent restaurant, craft beer, and cocktail scene. So one problem I’m facing is, “Am I keeping it too simple?”

I’ve second guessed myself about this a few times over the week.

I keep reading about new restaurants opening left and right. All of them have some pretty unique concepts and are getting a lot of accolades and recognition for their food and atmosphere. I keep wondering if I’m going to be able to stack up to those guys

But in the end, I’ve come to remember that some of my favorite chefs and restaurateurs always remind me to keep my concept simple and WOW with my quality of food and service.

So remember folks, if you start to get intimidated in the coming weeks, always keep in mind you should focus on food and service.

OK. That’s it for now. Follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and stay tuned for links to my new website where you’ll be able to contact me about your restaurant marketing plan.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friend and fellow restaurateurs.

Stay tuned for the next post on writing a restaurant business plan for the first time. See you soon.

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