Articles You Should Read – July Edition

I’ve been doing a monthly post consisting of important restaurant industry articles that I’ve come across. These  posts seem to have become pretty popular so…here’s the July Edition. Enjoy!

FYI: Stay tuned for the next step in our Owning A Restaurant series.  Click the article to view the whole story.

Consumers ‘Stay at Home’ Drive Foodservice Revolution

“Restaurateurs need to be mindful consumers have determined that they can find restaurant quality food at non-traditional locations including chain drug stores, Grocery store deli’s, C-store, Online Meal-Kit’s, and Furniture stores the ilk of Ikea according to Foodservice Solutions® team.”


Will virtual reality change travel and hospitality industry?

I, for one, can’t wait to see what virtual technology will do to the travel and service industries. I wonder if travel will even be necessary anymore? Or will it become more expensive? Endless possibilities…


Restaurant Labor as a Percentage of Sales is Foolish (Part 1 of 3)

“There are several costs that can drain profits but not many are as significant to the bottom line or as difficult to control as labor. When costs begin to climb, anxiety levels rise and often lead to knee-jerk reactions that might include reducing employee pay, and cutting workers or hours worked.While any of these may produce cost reductions, none are the right path to solving labor cost issues and may have a negative impact on the quality of service.”


Cook: What it Takes to Make It in a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Don’t Be A Work Martyr

“Do your job well and work hard, but take the vacation you deserve.”


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