So the Holidays Are Over, Now What?

Hey, everyone. I’m finishing out my Holiday series with some quick tips on what to when business slows down after the season. 

Although this post was written with the Christmas season in mind, these tips are good for whichever part of the year is your busiest. 

As I was working my way up the ladder in numerous restaurants I found that, since I was usually the youngest manager, the newest manager, or the only one without a family, I would be the one to work the most when things slowed down. The other managers would take the time to spend with their loved ones who had been neglected during the busy time of year.

Me, being the nice understanding guy that I am, I had no problem working a little more so the others could take some much needed time off. Besides, it gave me a good chance to put the items on this list into practice.

Long story short, I’ve actually done each and every one of the items on this list.

Resist the urge to let loose and spend money.

Whether you’re a server, bartender, back of the house staff, or on the support team, you probably made a lot of money in tips or regular pay during the busy season. But remember, for all the good times there will be an equal amount of bad times.

“When you have money, think of the time when you had none.

-Japanese Proverb

The time to save money is when you have it, not when you’re struggling to make rent and pay bills. Make sure to put aside some of your earnings for a rainy day.

Relax and reset.

You just spent the last few weeks or months concentrating on staying one step ahead of your guests or patrons at all times. You hustled your “you know what” off, too, making sure every single person had the best service possible. Chances are you probably also did all of that while working full time or overtime.

I’ll bet you’re exhausted, right?

I’m sure all of this was great for your bank account, but it can drive you crazy, it’s hard on your body, and it can lead to burnout at work. Why not take this slower time to catch your breath and regroup?

This is also a great time to get back to any healthy habits you’ve put aside.

Become an expert in what you do.

Working in the service industry or the hospitality industry isn’t as frowned upon these days as it was in the past. Some of you may even have your sites set on becoming authorities (or even celebrities) for what your do.

The upcoming slow shifts are going to be perfect for practicing and concentrating on upping your game and technique. Take the time to experiment with new products and attempt some new innovations.

Maybe you’ll be responsible for the next big trend.

Bond with your employees or coworkers.

During the busy season…it’s all about the business. Guests are coming and going so quickly that you don’t have a choice but to stay focused.

But when things slow down, take the time to get to know those you work closely with for hours and days. You may just meet your new best friend. Or, you may get a chance to make amends with a coworker you’ve had a past conflict with.

Pick up shifts at another location.

When things slow down, your tips or hours may decline. Luckily, it’s common for employees in hospitality and service to pick up shifts or work part-time at more than one location. As I told you in my opening, employees tend to ask off as soon as the busy season ends. This could actually be a lucrative time for you.

It may be a slower time but opportunities to improve yourself, relax, and actually earn more money do exist. Take advantage of the industry’s seasonality and make it work for you. 

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