The Top 5 Reads for the Service Industry Right Now

Hey, Serviceable Readers! It’s time to catch up with all the latest around the net.

As you know, we strive to give a peek into the service industry the public may or may not be used to seeing. For all of us that have worked in the industry at one point or another during their lives, we find the general public thinks the industry is made up of fancy dishes, elegant cocktails, and high definition foodie pics.

Not so, as we’ve reported on a few times in the past.

Of course, we also find the service industry exciting for a reason, so it’s not all doom and gloom. We’ve included a few articles this week to put you in a good mood, too. Here they are:

How to Deal with Drug Abuse in the Kitchen


Speaking from experience, as a small business owner you tend to form more than a working relationship with your employees. Being around them so much ingrains you in their personal lives.

Unfortunately, that means dealing with the good, the bad, the highs, and the lows.

Three Times I Walked Out on the Job Because I Had A Fuck Off Fund


Maybe not the best title but this article illustrates two darker sides of the industry: dealing with abusive personalities and managing your money when you’re an employee living on tipped wages.

We’ve always recommended educating your employees, especially the younger ones, on the importance of money management.

Culinary School: Worth the Cash or Not So Much?


“…Another eye-opening stat – some estimate that at least 50% of culinary school graduates who go to work in restaurants are no longer cooking after five years. So is it worth it to go to culinary school or are you just as likely to succeed if you opt out?”

Hey, I’m a toddler. AND I’LL BREAK YOU.


You’ll love this one if you’re a parent or have worked in a family friendly restaurant.

We DARE you not to laugh!

6 Restaurant Super Bowl Ads that Scored a Touchdown

We saved the most fun for last. Every one of these is a classic.

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