The Top 5 Reads for the Service Industry Right Now

Normally, we like to get this one out later in the week, but our fearless Editor has been slacking. We thought we’d save his ass by giving you some fodder to chew on while we wait for him to write the next editorial. What’ll it be? Who knows?

Before we begin we’d like to make an announcement. We’ve decided to drop the formality in each article. We’d like to connect with our readers on a personal level and it seems to be working. Serviceable has gotten a huge boost in readers lately. If you’ve missed the last few articles you can read them here and here…make sure you do. Everyone else is!

Going forward, you can look for a balance of articles. Not only will you now be able to find information on running your business from a management standpoint, but you’ll find more ideas and information from the employee point of view will be available. To add to the variety, we’ll also be adding information from the customer point of view.

With information coming from a variety of angles, you’ll now be able to use Serviceable to make better decisions for your business. As always, feel free to message us with questions or comments if you can’t find the information you’re looking for. We always enjoy helping our readers as much as possible.

So, without further ado…let’s get to this week’s Top 5 Reads for the Service Industry Right Now.

The woman whose mum inspired her to track ethical food


If you don’t read any other articles, read this one.

We believe this is going to be the next big thing in the food industry when the technology is perfected. Imagine being able to follow the path of the food you eat from farm to table…literally.

With this tech, you’ll see where the food is grown or raised, and then be able to follow it’s path from the farm to your mouth via an app on your phone.

We posted this one to a few food groups and it immediately caused a stir with folks commenting that they’ve always wanted to know if their certified beef was really certified? Or are their organic veggies really organic?

La Brigade de Cuisine


There it is. You now have the tree of what a traditional brigade looks like. Don’t those titles looks much better than just being called a ‘line cook’?

Click the link to find out more on what the duties of each position are.

Why I’m expanding The Kitchen restaurants in America’s Heartland


This article actually goes hand in hand with the first one on this week’s list. Hopefully, the two business owners find each other because we’d love to use the app to find out more about our food here in the states, too.

Arabic Influences on European Cuisine


A bit of a history lesson in a beautifully photographed and well-written article. Here’s a bit for you:

“When Arabic armies conquered Sicily during the 9thCentury, it marked the beginning of a new palate as well as new leaders. Citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, were introduced to the Mediterranean. Rice and durum wheat from North Africa appeared in kitchens — soon to be transformed into the now famously Italian risotto and pasta.”

5 Ways to Help Your Restaurant Survive the First Five Years


We wouldn’t dare go this week without giving you a bit of business advice.

Once again serves up the best restaurant business advice around.

Follow us to for insights and advice to keep your restaurant serving long into the future.

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