About Serviceable

Dedicated to helping those in restaurants and hotels improve service, business, and themselves.

Hello. My name is Deven Bhagwandin and I am a hospitality and service industry professional. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and have developed a unique point of view and attitude towards how a restaurant and hotel should be run.

I’ve worked in restaurants and hotels as well as in every peripheral or vendor related business pertaining to the service industry.

Where I differ from the other content sites and consulting businesses is I approach the problem from an operator’s standpoint. I know the struggles and obstacles you will face in real time, plus the pushback you may get.

All content is for those who are new to owning a restaurant or hotel, new to managing a business, or who have worked their way up and would like to learn the business side of operations.

I know things are not always black and white in our industry. I know that each situation and each guest must be treated differently. I know there is a finite amount of time in each day where you must run a successful business, a family, and a personal life: all while keeping your sanity.

I’m here to offer advice and some wisdom that I’ve picked up throughout my career. Please feel free to contact me personally.

Follow me to keep up with new content and news.

I look forward to speaking or meeting.

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